I am sure you know the feeling… as a photographer you shoot a session and even before you download the pics you can’t wait to show them off!  I have this problem a lot.  I get so excited to show off my brides and often times I have to wait… for the wedding.  Gloria is now married… whoot!  Which means… I can show off her images!  I had a blast and the day was just perfect for bridal pics!

See for yourself:) Enjoy!!  Jen


I carry lighting with me to every wedding.  I use an on-camera and off camera lighting.  I used to work in a studio with other photographers many years ago.  At that time, I wasn’t a photographer… in fact I don’t recall even touching a camera other than a shutter button tethered to a computer that the photographer had set-up.  I was there for almost 5 years and consistently each photographer used lighting in most every shot whether we were shooting models or product, inside or out.  Many times the lighting would have a color film or gel placed over the shade to produce a different color or a different temperature of light.  When I started my road of photography I quickly learned to pay attention to my light, the temperature of my light and the direction and strength.  I’ll discuss my approach specific in a later post.

Here I wanted you to see the power or beauty rather of event lighting.  Essentially there are lights placed around the reception room with gels or bulbs that produce different colors of light.  The wedding below is from Audrey and Rob at SouthFork Ranch in Dallas.  The place is huge!  It would or could be dark black hole without the stunning display of color from the lights!  Some of my shots I used natural light only because I didn’t have anything specific in the shot that I wanted to light and because it was perfect as it.  Others, like the cake, I put two external lights in a ‘loop light’ set-up and turned off my on-camera flash to capture what you see. Thus giving it a special glow and still capturing the color behind the cake.  I am a huge fan of event lighting!  It’s not only beautiful but drastically changes the feel of the party!  Audrey did a fabulous job putting together areas for her guests to lounge during the cocktail hour, with a separate section designed for the dancing and eating.  The room was flawless and memorable.  If you are trying to decide between event lights or not…. if budget allows… I highly recommend putting color up the walls and throughout the reception hall.

I’ll post later the pics from the wedding.  For now… enjoy a stunning display of pinks and purples!

Typically many couples are opposites… she’s good at this… and he’s good at that.  It’s an awesome balance in a marriage to compliment each other.  And then sometimes you have couples who can match each other in many of their talents.  My husband and I match each other in a lot of areas.  In fact it makes for some pretty fun competition.  That is… if you’re competitive.;) Competition is one of my favorite things!  Win or lose, I just love the game of competing.  I think Rachel and Brooks might be the most athletic couple I’ve had the opportunity to photograph!  Rachel played soccer for A&M and Brooks currently pitches for the Chicago Cubs.  They brought a soccer ball to the shoot and I got to see them play together.  They both lit up as they ran around the park chasing the ball and trying to steal it from one another.  It was pretty funny!  Their relationship is just precious and I hope it makes you smile and think of your sweetheart.  Enjoy! Jen

I am finally able to post this wedding!  This one was classy and elegant.  I had the best time watching and photographing the relationships of bride and groom, mother and daughter, mother and son – everyone.  Family.  That’s what it’s about!  This family knows too.  They lost a loved one not too long ago.  Anyone who has lost someone learns very quickly that every moment is precious   I would like to introduce the lovely pics of Brooke and Brett!  Brooke and Brett were married at the St Paul Lutheran Church in downtown Fort Worth.  The reception was at City Club, one of my favorite venues.  Their chef is amazing! Every time I’ve shot there, it’s been an awesome party and the food… well… I already said it.  It’s amazing.  Enjoy their pics!