Off and on throughout my life I have spent time in riding lessons.  Some for a few years, other times on a few months.  My daughter Maddy is an Equestrian rider and learner and is absorbing all she can! Needless to say, as a family we love horses as much as our time and money will allow.  Being around them reminds me of their majesty and the wonder of their creation.  Horses are talked about many times in the Bible and it would be safe to say, they are beloved of Him!  What a brilliant and magnificent animal!

Paige has been my riding instructor since last year and has a wonderful talent with horses!! Teancum, her horse, is just barely of age to ride. This session was their first time as horse and rider with full gear. I watched through my lens as Paige lovingly cared for him and got him ready and then to the excitement of all of us there, she saddled up and started around the ring. The hour was perfect for light and Teancum’s burnt orange coat seemed to glow at some angles! I love the detail work of the photos and how often Teancum looked at the camera. He was instantly a show off! Have a peek at a wonderful experience… the 1st ride.

J May Photography_001 J May Photography_002 J May Photography_003 J May Photography_004 J May Photography_005 J May Photography_006 J May Photography_007 J May Photography_008 J May Photography_009 J May Photography_010 J May Photography_011 J May Photography_012 J May Photography_013 J May Photography_014 J May Photography_015 J May Photography_016 J May Photography_017 J May Photography_018 J May Photography_019 J May Photography_020 J May Photography_021 J May Photography_022 J May Photography_023 J May Photography_024 J May Photography_025 J May Photography_026 J May Photography_027 J May Photography_028 J May Photography_029 J May Photography_030 J May Photography_031 J May Photography_032 J May Photography_033 J May Photography_034 J May Photography_035 J May Photography_036 J May Photography_037

Meet Theresa and Ben!  I think I could photograph their relationship all day long!  I know it sounds crazy, but isn’t that what wedding photography is??  We capture people and their relationships.  I love this job.  I think it makes my relationship with my husband stronger!  Not sure how that all works… but it does.:)

Ben and Theresa decided to do a 1st look on the balcony of the Marriott Hotel in downtown Fort Worth.  I love Theresa’s dress with against the art deco architecture and downtown in the background!  A pink and ivory ombre dress!!  Um, yes please!  She’s stunning and stunning in it!  Later we moved over to the Robert Carr Chapel in the early evening with a twilight sky as a backdrop and ended the evening with an awesome party at the T&P Station in downtown.  Take a look at the pics… you’ll see the fun of the night!

Wedding Day Details:

Getting Ready: Downtown Marriott

Ceremony: TCU Robert Carr Chapel

Cocktail and Reception: T&P Station Fort Worth

Wedding Coordinator: Kristyn Hall from Event Elements

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Almost every couple I have ever worked with has asked me to shoot the glowy light shots.  “Jen, can we get the glowy light?”  This light is the photographers dream light, the prime light, the best light of the day!  It only lasts about 30 min if all elements of nature are in position.  The clouds, the sun, the trees, the background and the couple.  I love to find this light.  My favorite field is being plowed over to put a building there instead.  It’s a sad thing.  The trees were positioned on the west of the field just right to give me the backlight bokeh flare sunset glowy light thing I search for.  How’s that for a run-on sentence?;)

So back to posing your couple and finding your background.  Really this can be done most anywhere.  I prefer to have something in the background, trees, bushes, part of a building – something to give interest.  My favorite trees are the large leaf trees with lots of brush growing underneath them.  In other words, scrappy trees.  But hey, we are not looking for landscape photography, nor are we trying to create an Ansel Adams shot.  The broad leaf trees provide a dappled light effect.  The under brush provides texture.  The trees facing west give you the option to shoot at the optimal time of day and the shorter the trees, the better the light.  So… look for scrappy, short, broad leaf trees.  They’re everywhere!  If that’s not available, like in my shot below, you can use other elements to create the same texture and glow.  In the shots below, we were on the TWU campus.  It was March 2nd and pretty cold outside.  In fact, I did edit goosebumps off my brides arm.  She was pretty chilly.  We worked quickly and she was outstanding!

In the photos below, we had been out together for about 20 minutes already.  They were already comfortable with each other, with me and the camera.  This posing and comfort comes after photographing for a bit. This is my favorite time.  I make a living at reading people and their body language and directing them to be in harmony with one another and me… and then… I photograph it.  As you play and laugh with a couple, tell stories, be silly and listen to them, they will relax with the camera and enjoy their time.  Sometimes, it will take a couple a little longer to warm up to the camera.  Most times, my couples have a blast and enjoy each other off the camera as well as on camera.  I have lots of grooms who tell me, “Jen, I don’t like my picture taken.”  Inevitably, they always say something like, “Wow! I had a lot of fun!”  Reading people and photographing their relationships is incredibly rewarding.  Eight years later, I still cry behind the camera and so many times I laugh until my face hurts!  Have a look at the shots below to see the set-up and camera data.  It’s not rocket science, but it is camera science!

The ‘glowy sunset shot’ 101…  Position your couple between you and the sun.  Bring them together and ask them to just interact with each other.  Have him place his hands on the small of her back and bring his feet close to her feet – as close as possible.  Sounds crazy, but feet position is key.  Ask him to bring her lower waist close to him to put a bend in her back.  Not too much so she is not off balance.  This is how to create the heart shape you see below.  They can now look at each other, bring their noses together, turn to look at you, laugh at one another, kiss and so much more.  Make sure she has her flowers pointing towards the camera if you want flowers in the shot.  Sometimes, her hands on his neck are what makes the shot so sweet and real.  It will depend on your couple.  Below are the settings and the line up.  The same settings and set-up applies to the bottom photo too.  Can you see all the elements?

Camera Science at Sunset, Glowy Light Photography, J May Photography

Camera Science at Sunset, Glowy Light Photography, J May Photography Camera Science at Sunset, Glowy Light Photography, J May Photography